How do I spread the word about Xero Shoes?

First, thanks for your support!

Word of mouth has been the #1 driver in our business since we started.

So, not surprisingly, the simplest thing to do is tell people about

Another thing you can do that would be really helpful is to talk to the manager of any store that you think should carry Xero Shoes and tell her/him about us. We know some people who’ve walked into a local store (in their Xero Shoes, of course) and done an impromptu sales pitch 😉

Here’s one more: If you know of any medical, fitness, or health & wellness practitioners (doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors, trainers, chiropractors, yoga teachers, etc.), tell them about us as well. We have special programs for healthcare practitioners who want to promote Xero Shoes.

If you want to earn commissions on sales you refer, check out

And, if you want to directly sell Xero Shoes through your own facility, email [email protected] for more info.