How do I pick the right minimalist sandal?

  • Decide what activity you want to do in a sandal
  • Explore the different types of sandals for that activity
  • Read reviews of the different types of sandals to find someone who’s done what you want to do in your sandals
  • Of course, then buy a pair, take your time getting used to them… and ENJOY the freedom

If you’re not sure about how comfortable a minimalist sandal like Xero Shoes can be, check out the reviews on each product page, like this one for the Z-Trail. Or check on Facebook or on Twitter or on Instagram.

Just read what other people like you have been saying. Sometimes they were really skeptical like you were and they found that it was a whole different story. Here’s a review from LIVESTRONG that sums it up perfectly:

“These shoes did not seem like they were going to handle much when I first tried them on. A few cleverly placed straps and thin yet comfortable material for the sole and nothing more. Well, 45 days of daily wear which included hiking over various terrain – beach sand, river crossings, rocks, gravel, manicured city trails, and a few trips into the woods with no path at all proved that not only did these shoes hold up to the abuse, they’d become my favorite light shoe. The compact minimal design allows them to fit into the smallest pack and washing them is as simple as a quick spray-down with a hose. They could be used as trail shoes and still look nice enough to wear later at a barbecue.”

So again, check out the reviews, see what people think, and if you have any questions give us a shout. We’re always happy to answer, to help, so that you can get out into a pair of minimalist sandals and feel the freedom, feel the fun, and feel the world.