How do I know if these are the right size?

The simplest answer is: Do they feel right?

Sizing is largely about personal preference. You could take 3 people with identical feet, put them in the same shoe, and they’d have 3 different opinions about how the shoe fits.

Some people think you need a lot of room in front of your toes. This is true for shoes with thick midsoles, but not with Xero Shoes (when thicker shoes bend, the “inside” shortens faster than the outside… like what happens when you bend a phone book).

Some people like their toes to lightly touch the front of the shoe because it gives them additional feedback.

We recommend wearing the shoes indoors for a bit to see how they feel (remember, if you need to return or exchange, the product must be in “new and unworn” condition).

If you’re a woman with a wider foot, you may be more comfortable in a “men’s” style. And if you’re a man with a narrower foot, you may like a “women’s” style better.

If you have other questions about fit, give us a call — 303.447.3100 or 1-800.499.8880