How do I get the right sized barefoot sandal?

This depends on whether you want a ready-to-wear sandal, or if you want to have fun making your own huarache-style sandals for running, walking, hiking, or anything else you do.

One of the best things about using our do-it-yourself sandal-making kits is no matter what size or shape your foot is, you can make a barefoot sandal that perfectly fits your foot.

The reason is that we have templates that range in sizes from really tiny to really, really large. So you buy the template that’s closest to your foot shape. If you have a really wide foot, you buy one that just matches the width, and you don’t worry about the length because you simply trim the sole’s length to perfectly fit your foot shape. You get a shoe that’s made just for you… by you.

If you’re not a “make your own sandals” kind of person, and want to buy our ready-to-wear sandals, here’s what you do:

  • Go to our “template page
  • Follow the instructions to measure your feet
  • Print the template that matches your foot length (make sure it prints at the correct scale… we have a ruler printed on the template to compare to a real ruler so you can make sure)
  • Step on the template
  • If the size of that sandal template is too big, print the smaller one. And, of course, vice versa.
  • For the Z-Trek, Z-Trail, Naboso, and Veracruz sandals, if you’re a man and the template seems too wide, try the “women’s” template. And if you’re a woman and the woman’s sandal template seems too narrow, try the “men’s” instead.
  • If you’re really not sure, take a few pictures of your feet on the templates and email them to us. We’ll give you our opinion on optimal sizing.