How do I adjust the fit in Z-Trails?

Simple. First, slide the webbing through the slots on the outside of the sole to get the tension you like across your toes.
Note: A lot of our customers report that they like the toe strap looser than they thought they would. Experiment and see what you like best.

Next, just pull the end of the webbing — our proprietary tensioner will hold everything in place. If something feels too tight, just flip the top of the tensioner up, and the webbing will easily loosen.

Finally, experiment with the tension of the heel strap. If you make it tighter, it’ll move your foot forward a bit. Make it looser and it’ll let your foot slide back.

Once you find the right tension, you have the choice to get in and out of your Z-Trail by either un-doing the heel strap, or loosening the top webbing. Personally, I leave the heel strap in place and use the top webbing to get in and out.