How do I add jewelry and decorations to barefoot sandals?

One of the fun things about making your own sandals is all the ways you can decorate them.

There’s lots of different jewelry that you can add, starting with something really simple like a dolphin charm or a Celtic knot pendant… something you can find at craft or hobby stores. You just lace them into the sandal’s strap.

You can add some beads by threading them onto the lace.

We have one customer who painted each of her toenails a different color, to match the multi-colored beads she threaded onto her sandal’s laces.

People have also used shells, dried starfish, pearls, Swarovski crystal, pretty much anything that can hang on a lace or be threaded onto one.

What else? Just have fun. Use flowers, or anything else can think of.

The whole idea is that you want to express your personality with your sandal and the way you’re going to do it is by either lacing things into the lacing pattern, so the cord is going through the beads, or snapping things around the lace.

The beads from Pandora bracelets – those fit perfectly around our laces.

Again, the most important part: Have fun, decorate, express yourself. We can’t wait to see see what you come up with.