Do minimalist shoes help with plantar fasciitis?

I’m hoping you mean “treat” it, and not cause it 😉

Again, we’re not doctors, and Xero Shoes are not medical devices, and we would never give advice without more information about your situation.

Also, it’s possible that you THINK you have plantar fasciitis, but actually have something else going on (more about that in a moment).

There are a number of medical practitioners and researchers who treat “PF” with natural movement.

In short, USING your feet naturally and building up foot muscle strength can be a more effective intervention than immobilizing your feet with, say, an orthotic or arch support.

After all, when you immobilize any joint (imagine your arm in a cast), it gets weaker by not using it. Research shows the same is true with your foot.

We have a few resources and articles about PF on our site that you may find useful: