Are Xero Shoes minimalist sandals comfortable?

The simple answer: Yes.

Surprisingly so, in fact. But probably not for the reason you think.

First of all, comfort can be a little misleading.

Think about this: a Tempur-Pedic bed feels really comfortable when you lie on it. But try jumping on it… not so good for jumping. Even standing will quickly get you tired, as your body tries to adjust for the shifting foam.

Padding in shoes can feel great when you step on it, but that doesn’t mean it’s really good for you.

What’s really good for you, and what’s genuinely comfortable, is using your feet naturally.

Your feet are designed to bend, to flex and feel the world. You have more nerve endings in the soles of your feet than anywhere but your fingertips and your lips. A quarter of the bones and joints in your body are in your feet.

This is not an accident.

You’re supposed to use them – bend and flex and feel.

You don’t need a high-heeled sole because that’s not the way your body is designed. That can put your pelvis all out of whack and mess with your posture.

So what makes Xero Shoes sandals comfortable is mostly how they get out of the way and let your feet move naturally, let your body move naturally, and give you just the right amount of protection for whatever you want to be doing.

Our 4-millimeter, do-it-yourself, Connect sandal sole with our FeelTrue® rubber that just gives you some protection if you’re running on roads, for example, just enough so that you don’t have to worry about the sole of your foot so much. You’re going to feel things. It just gives you a little protection from stuff that could be pointy or pokey. And it keeps your feet clean 😉

4mm Connect Minimalist Sandal Sole from Xero Shoes
The 4mm Connect Minimalist Sandal Sole

And then we go to our 6-millimeter sole — we call that Contact — and that’s the same idea but just, again, 50% thicker. So it’s a little more trail-friendly.

Our Genesis sandal, below, as an example — the Genesis is actually just a ready-to-wear version of our sandal making kit.

If you want a little extra comfort though, you can use our Cloud, which actually is the same sole as the Genesis except then we added just a little bit of BareFoam™ in the forefoot so it just gives you some extra comfort. Plus it reduces the weight.

People put this on and it’s so light they go, “Wow, it’s like I’m not even wearing anything,” but it’s just so comfortable because of that tiny little bit of foam. It’s not like a Tempur-Pedic. It’s not like cushy. It’s just a little bit so your foot goes, “Aah.”

Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud minimalist sandal
The Amuri Cloud sandal – a bit of extra comfort

Try a pair of Xero Shoes sandals and Live Life Feet First!