Are there minimalist sandals for toddlers and kids?

In fact, yes.

We have our best-selling sport sandal, the Z-Trail, available for kids.

For toddlers — and we have hundreds and hundreds of parents who have done this with their kids — a great choice is our do-it-yourself kit.

It’s a great family project to make your own sandals.

One recommendation if you’re going to make a pair of minimalist sandals for a toddler:

Toddlers put a lot of pressure on the lace of the sandal, at the spot that goes through the sole, and on the knot underneath the sole. So, you’re going to want to get some flexible epoxy or some Shoe Goo, which we sell on our website, and you’re want to coat the knot area and the first like half-inch of the lace above the lace.

That’ll just give it a little more strength and durability. We also recommend using the “Lace Bead” shown in many of our tying styles.