Are huarache sandals like flip flops?

In short, no.

Here’s why.

To keep a flip flop on your foot, you need to grip with your toes and basically jam your foot into the thong.

Plus, the foam sole materials start breaking down the moment you begin wearing them.

Huarache sandals, on the other hand (the type here, not the woven leather Mexican sandals), don’t have those issues.

First, the lacing system goes around your ankle, holding the sole on your foot without you having to grip and without extra pressure from the thong.

In fact, we have many customers who’ve said, “I don’t like things between my toes,” but have no problem wearing their Xero Shoes huarache sandals.

Secondly, we use a very durable rubber we developed for the soles, FeelTrue® rubber, that is backed with a 5,000 mile warranty.

Of course, if you’re dead set against the huarache style, we also have sport sandals, where there’s not a strap coming between your toes. And you can use our DIY sandal kits with any lacing style you can think of (and a bunch shown here).