Are minimalist shoes okay if I have flat feet?

Arch height is predominantly genetic and there’s no evidence that flat feet are better/worse than high arched feet or “normal” feet. What we think is more important is arch STRENGTH. And strength in your feet, like every other part of your body, comes from USING your feet naturally — letting them bend, flex, move, and […]

Can you run in minimalist shoes?

Run. Walk. Hike. Do yoga. Do CrossFit. Dance. Climb. Hang out with your friends. People do pretty much everything in minimalist shoes like Xero Shoes. Check out the reviews for each product and you’ll hear some amazing stories. As your feet get used to doing what’s natural — bend, flex, move, balance, and FEEL — […]

Do minimalist shoes help with plantar fasciitis?

I’m hoping you mean “treat” it, and not cause it 😉 Again, we’re not doctors, and Xero Shoes are not medical devices, and we would never give advice without more information about your situation. Also, it’s possible that you THINK you have plantar fasciitis, but actually have something else going on (more about that in […]

Will minimalist shoes help knee pain?

We’re not doctors and can’t comment on a specific situation. That said, a study by Dr. Isabel Sacco put elderly women with knee osteoarthritis in a minimalist shoe and found that simply walking in a minimalist shoe reduced knee loading forces. Why is that important? From Dr. Sacco’s paper, “Reduction in knee loading is considered […]

Where can I buy minimalist shoes?

If you want Xero Shoes, then you can get them here at We also have dealers all around the world. Check out our Store Locator for a current list… and check back often since we have more dealers coming on board every week. For other brands, check their websites.

How do I transition to minimalist shoes?

Simple: Take your time When switching from a traditional shoe to a minimalist shoe, it’s likely that you’ll be using muscles you haven’t used in a while. It’s also likely that you’ll OVER-use muscles that you don’t need to use that much when you’re walking more naturally. So try wearing the new shoe for an […]

What do doctors and other experts think about minimalist running shoes?

Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal, How Can You Make Running Less Painful?. It actually RECOMMENDS Xero Shoes! Or see this post about what doctors from the American College of Sports Medicine recommend. Here’s the short version: The American College of Sports Medicine… recommends shoes with a heel-to-toe height differential, or drop, […]

What’s the difference between minimalist shoes and barefoot shoes?

Sometimes they’re one and the same (in the case of most Xero Shoes, for example… I’ll explain why I said “most” in a moment). Both terms are often used incorrectly to promote products that don’t deliver. Here’s an example — we regularly have people come to our office wearing a shoe they’ve been told is […]

Do minimalist running shoes help reduce injury?

The premise of minimalist shoes (and barefoot running) is that a more natural movement style, one that should be easier in a minimalist shoe, will reduce injuries. Anecdotal evidence (like the tens of thousands of reviews for Xero Shoes) and some simple, critical thinking (e.g. your muscles, ligaments, and tendons can outperform foam cushioning that […]

What makes a shoe “minimalist”?

Many shoes are sold with the term “minimalist” or “barefoot,” but most of those don’t actually meet the criteria for a truly minimalist product. And research from Harvard’s Dr. Irene Davis shows that these “partial” minimalist shoes could be the worst thing you could wear. A <strong>TRULY minimalist </strong> shoe — like Xero Shoes — […]