If my child outgrows these, then what?

We know that children have a habit of growing. We’ve created a Facebook group where you can find other “Prio parents” with who you can trade/swap/sell/buy. Click Here to see it (opens a new tab in your browser) Note: We don’t manage the FB group. The participants in the group are responsible for managing all […]

How do I pick the right size?

The Kids Prio is “true to size,” so select the typical size for your child. Now, that said, sizing is not a science, there’s a lot of personal preference involved… Three people with identical feet will have three opinions about how the same shoe fits 😉 If the size you get doesn’t fit, take advantage […]

How do the straps work in the Prio?

All the straps — the heel and instep — are adjustable for a secure, comfy fit. To use the instep straps, simply tighten or loosen them with the tension of the lace that goes through them. For the heel strap, it’s best to adjust it by gently sliding it through the “wing” in the sole […]

Where can I learn more about Naboso Technology?

Want to learn more about what makes the Naboso Technology special and read about the research into this product? Visit Dr. Emily Splichal’s site about the Naboso Technology — www.NabosoTechnology.com (clicking that link will open up a new tab in your browser)

What if they’re “too pointy”?

For some people, the Naboso Trail can be too stimulating at first. No problem. Get a THIN pair of socks and wear those with your Naboso Trail at first. When you feel ready, try 5-10 minutes without socks. Over time, by listening to your body, you can build up the amount of time and the […]

Can I wear these all day?

In short, yes. Though it may take you some time to work up to wearing your Naboso Trail sandals all day. No need to push yourself. Do what’s comfortable (and, over time, what’s comfortable will “expand”).