How NOT to start barefoot running

I was on a panel discussion about barefoot running a while back. At one point, someone in the audience asked, So how do I transition to barefoot running? NOTE — even if you’re not a runner, this story is still relevant and important for you… okay, back to the story… Before I could respond, a […]

Phil Maffetone On Xero Shoes Barefoot Sandals

I don’t get starstruck, but I do get excited when I meet someone who’s work I’ve admired and appreciated for years. And Phil Maffetone is one of those people. I got my copy of Phil’s book In Fitness and In Health in 1997 and, way back then (even earlier, really), he advocated minimalism and barefoot […]

Xero Shoes new barefoot running sandal outsole — FeelTrue™ 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact

A major advance for barefoot sandals Click Here to order Xero Shoes with FeelTrue™ outsoles We are extremely proud to introduce you to the only outsole specifically designed for barefoot running, our new FeelTrue™ outsoles. With the help of one of the world’s top outsole manufacturers, and former lead designers from Nike and Reebok, we started […]

Maple Grove Barefoot Guy’s Xero Shoes Review

The Maple Grove Barefoot Guy shares his review of Xero Shoes and his AWESOME fashion sense at My favorite line would have to be “these are definitely my favorite huaraches so far.” 😉

Comparing Barefoot Running Shoes – Nike Free vs. Xero Shoes

I bought my first pair of Nike Free about 6 years ago, soon after they came out. I LOVED them. The flexible sole really let me feel the ground in a whole new way and they quickly became the only shoe I wore. Once I had the chance, I went to NikeID and made a […]

Orthotics vs. Barefoot Running

The only time I’ve worn anything other than my huaraches or my sprinting spikes in the last 16 months has been the 3 times I put on my old running shoes… so I could shovel snow. Those shoes have my $200 orthotics in them. And each time I’ve put them on, I have the same […]

Can you really run in huaraches?

When you’re used to hanging out with barefoot runners or, at least, with people who’ve read Born To Run, you forget how “normal people” think. One of the questions I’m most asked by non-barefoot people is: “Can you really run in those?” What amazes me about this question is not how people have forgotten that, […]

David Csonka reviews Xero Shoes huaraches running sandals

David Csonka says it best: And the actual running, well it feels like something between being barefoot and wearing Vibram Five Fingers Read his entire review at:

High School Students Get Xeros!

Xero Shoes fan Dan Bright teaches at a performing arts high school in Florida. And after he came into class wearing his Xero Shoes, the students wanted some for themselves. So we sent materials for about 24 students, and they had a huarache-making party. Read about it here: (and if you know of a group that […]