Vibram Five Finger shoes vs. Huaraches Running Sandals

Many people wear the Vibram Five Fingers shoe for minimalist running… how does it stack up against the huarache running sandal? Well, this video has some of my thoughts about the two. Enjoy. [flashvideo file=images/fivefingers.mp4 image=images/fivefingers.jpg /]

Barefoot Running Shoes

I know that “barefoot running shoes” sounds like an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp. I mean if you’re running barefoot, then, by definition, you aren’t, wearing shoes. Right? Okay, let me explain. Barefoot running is hot right now. Ever since Chris McDougall’s book, Born to Run, about the Tarahumara Indians who ran (and won) ultra-marathons either […]

Vibram Five Fingers vs. Xero Shoes huaraches

Barefoot running is becoming more popular every day. And, with the growing number of people throwing away their shoes comes… shoes! Barefoot shoes, that is. Chris McDougall’s book, Born To Run, featured the Vibram Five Fingers shoes (sort of like a glove for your feet) as well as the low-tech, traditional Mexican huaraches, which the […]