Huarache Running Sandals – Free Instructions

I’ve taken the “how to make huarache running sandals” instructions from this site and turned them into a PDF file which, for some will be easier to print. Remember, once you make your running sandals, send me pics and videos so I can feature you (and your bare feet) on the site! Right click on […]

Will Barefoot Running Heal My Injuries?

As barefoot running and walking (and hiking, and kayaking, and anything else you can do barefoot) become more popular, the one question that comes up more and more is: Will being barefoot or in Xero Shoes cure me of my problems? And the list of problems includes: Flat feet High arches Leg length differences Plantar […]

Barefoot Running Sandals – How to…

It’s easier for some people to see this video about making huaraches barefoot running sandals (similar to the ones worn by the Tarahumara). See the next barefoot running sandals video

How to tie huaraches sandals – 3 new ideas!

There are so many ways to tie huaraches barefoot running sandals. I want to show you two cool pictures that’ll probably give you more ideas of your own. First, Zach Bergen didn’t want the knot between his toes (even though you’ll probably never feel it, since it’s in between your toes and flattens out pretty […]

Barefoot Running Shoes

I know that “barefoot running shoes” sounds like an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp. I mean if you’re running barefoot, then, by definition, you aren’t, wearing shoes. Right? Okay, let me explain. Barefoot running is hot right now. Ever since Chris McDougall’s book, Born to Run, about the Tarahumara Indians who ran (and won) ultra-marathons either […]

Hurache running sandals. Hurraches for running.

You may note my weird spelling of “huaraches” as hurrache and hurache (or if you’re using both feet, hurraches and huraches 😉 ) Regardless of the spelling, if you want to run barefoot, you need to try a pair of these minimalist running shoes. Why? Well, they’re the closest thing to barefoot, but with the […]

Running Barefoot — The Importance of Core

Usain Bolt’s coach, Glen Mills, talked in an interview about what helped make Usain Bolt the fastest man in the world. He revealed something that will surprise most runners, namely, the most important muscles required for fast, efficient running. Have a guess? Think it’s the quads? The hamstrings? Glutes? Calves? Eyelids? Let me quote Glen: […]