Which of these non-barefoot sneakers have you worn?

Which of the shoes, below, have you worn?

I’ll never forget my first pair of Nike Waffle Trainers. I can’t recall exactly how old I was, 10-12?, but I remember putting the red nylon shoes on my feet, walking out of the shoe store (wow, remember when you used to go to ONE shoe store for all your shoes and there was someone there who KNEW you and your feet!?), leaning forward as I was about to run…

… and before I even took off, I loved them.


Toe spring.

That’s the upward angle that most running shoes put your toes in so that when you roll forward, you rock onto your toes.

As a sprinter, I just run ON my toes. And when I leaned forward in these Waffles, they instantly put me in the position I ran in. I was elated. I remember thinking, “It’s like they made these shoes for how I run!”

The irony, of course, is now that I run barefoot, I HATE toe spring. Toe spring makes my foot move unnaturally, no matter how gentle the arc of it is (in the Waffles it was a sharp bend).

Toe spring doesn’t let my toes actually push, or bend, or flex.

Ah, memories.

And speaking of memories, which of these sneakers do you remember, or did you have in your closet at some time? Share it with friends and see if we can get a BINGO 😉

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