What makes a comfortable shoe?

We couldn’t have said it better, Ben.

Frankly, I’m stunned there aren’t airbag, hydraulics, and puppies in there somewhere.

This image was an actual post by #nike describing what one of their upcoming shoes feels like. It's appalling the complete lack of regard that most modern shoe companies have towards the biomechanics of the human foot. The more cushioned a shoe, the more our shock absorbing capabilities are compromised. Additionally, all that cushioning encourages us to adopt poor running mechanics like heel striking, which never happens when barefoot or in minimalist shoes because it would hurt our feet too much! This heel striking is the culprit in chronic knee and back pain in runners, because the ONLY way to absorb force through our joints safely and repetitively for great distances is with a midfoot or forefoot strike. But we wouldn't need to learn how to run correctly if shoes like this didn't exist in the first place. The image of springs at the bottom of the shoe are particularly offensive. We all have a built in spring mechanism in our feet. It's our Achilles tendon, and it's meant to create elastic recoil, propelling us into our next step. This can't happen though with excessive heels that shorten our Achilles and calves (throttling their elastic capacity), or excessive cushion preventing solid contact with the ground for this elastic recoil to take place. Boycott companies like this and make a smarter choice for your health. Two great companies are xero shoes, and vivobarefoot. Sadly, I have yet to encounter any other shoes I consider safe and healthy. #xeroshoes #vivobarefoot #barefootrunning #minimalistshoes #barefoot #barefootliving #running #runner #healthy #biomechanics #boycott #barefootdreams #barefootshoes

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All that said, we agree that this is what you want to feel… but that feeling comes using your body naturally, not from excessive padding, “energy return” foam, support, motion control, etc.

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