You won’t believe what the best barefoot running shoes are

Ron Hill wearing the best barefoot running shoesRon Hill ran the 10k in the Mexico City Olympics barefoot.

When asked why, he responded, “They were the lightest shoes I could find.”

At Xero Shoes, we believe the best running shoes are, well, your feet.  Bare feet.

You don’t need pronation control. You don’t need a bunch of padding.

You need to be able to move your feet naturally. To flex, to bend, to stretch, to feel the world.

Now, that said, barefoot isn’t always practical or ideal.

Ron Hill was on a track — even, basically smooth, no obstacles or rocks or uneven patches. That’s the best place for his barefoot running shoes — his feet.

But what about you, on a road or a trail.

There are a lot of times where you’ll want some protection, but with as close to a barefoot experience as possible.

That’s why we developed Xero Shoes.

When you’re looking at footwear that simulates being barefoot, please be careful.

Almost all of the shoes sold by big companies that call themselves “barefoot” or “minimalist” are about as close to barefoot as a pair of stilts. I’ve seen shoes with an INCH of padding that still advertise themselves as “just like being barefoot.”

Are these minimalist shoes?
The next wave of “barefoot shoes”?


The Running Clinic Rates the Best Barefoot Shoes

Canada’s The Running Clinic devised a rating system to evaluate the best barefoot running shoes.

I’m happy to say that Xero Shoes came out on top. The next closest competitors are not shoes that you want to run in, frankly… unless you like replacing your footwear every few miles. And most of those cost way more than a pair of Xero Shoes. rates the best barefoot running shoes

Our 4mm Connect DIY sandal kit is the closest thing you’ll find to barefoot. The Amuri Cloud is next, though with the addition of a tiny bit (3mm) of BareFoam, it feels like even more protection. The 6mm Contact DIY kit and Amuri Venture give a great barefoot feel with a bit more protection.

Check them all out at our online store.

All of our Xero Shoes barefoot running shoes have the best warranty you’ll find: a 5,000 mile one!

Start enjoying your Xero Shoes today… and Feel The World!