The barefoot running conversation

Vibrams – $100
Xero Shoes Kit – $24.95
This video – PRICELESS!

7 thoughts on “The barefoot running conversation

  1. Ha! Hilarious – I like the quote in the video “I have broken free from the matrix”…

  2. Is there nayway to get a propriocpetion insole like Barefoot Science to work in unison with these?

    1. There isn’t… But everyone who has had experience with barefoot/Invisible Shoes is that the best foot strengthening is not having any sort of insole in a shoe, but being out of shoes. In other words, the B.S. insoles are trying to emulate being barefoot while in shoes. We’re just cutting out the middle-man 😉

  3. Is this similar to the barefoot flipflops? Those that do not have a strap on them but clings on the soles of your feet as you walk?

    1. Mich, if your question is: are Invisible Shoes like those “cling soles,” then, No.

      Invisible Shoes are made with a high-performance rubber that’s good for everything from walking to ultra-marathons, that’ll last for a LONG time, and that let your feet feel free to move naturally.

      Think of it this way… have you ever had something stuck to the bottom of your bare foot? Remember how weird it feel, especially as you flex/stretch? You don’t have that with Invisible Shoes since they’re not stuck to your foot.

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  5. Wonderful video clip

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