How to have perfect barefoot running form

(BTW: Something REALLY cool at the bottom of this post!)

There’s an idea about barefoot running that one simply learns how to do “IT.”

That is, there’s a right way to run barefoot and, once you get that, you’re done. Like learning your multiplication tables, it’s a finite, attainable goal.

And while it’s true that there is a “something” to “get”, it’s not true that once you “get it,” you’re done.

Running barefoot is a continual exploration.

There’s always something new to to learn and discover.

There’s always room for improvement — always a way to be lighter, easier, and have more fun.

There are always different places to run, and each new surface gives is a new learning opportunity.

Even if you always run on the exact same path, over time you and your body change… that gives you some new material to work with and explore. The saying, “You can’t step in the same river twice” is true about running bare footed. No matter how far you run, or how often you run, “You never take the same step twice.”

When I’m running, the question always in my mind — sometimes right up front and sometimes lurking in the back — is: “How can I make this easier, lighter, and more fun?” And every time, I find a new answer.

Here’s something cool that demonstrates the point I was making about barefoot running: Look at the center of the image… no matter how much you seem to be zooming into the middle, you never get to the end!

Barefoot Running is about never-ending improvement

Here’s something even COOLER — stare at the very center for 20 seconds… then look at your hand! (or anything else). Enjoy (and share it with your friends).

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