Barefoot Training Teleseminar

Last night (November 25th), we had a teleseminar about all things barefoot, from running to walking to hiking to, well anything else that came up.

It was an open format call where I just answered whatever questions came up. We discussed:

  • Distance running form vs. sprinting form
  • The proper way to walk when barefoot
  • “Front side” vs. “Back side” mechanics
  • Which muscles you should be using when you’re barefoot/minimalist
  • Confusion about foot strike (and clarification about what’s correct)
  • Barefoot running injuries and what’s the best kind of injury you can get (seriously)
  • Why comparing sole thicknesses of minimalist shoes is meaningless
  • What makes Xero Shoes different than other minimalist footwear, including other sandals
  • and a LOT more…

The call ran about 42 minutes and, no doubt, we’ll be doing more of them in the future. It was a lot of fun.

You can listen to the teleseminar here (click on the arrow):

… or download the audio. Right click (or Ctrl-Click) here: Barefoot Teleseminar

If there’s a question we didn’t get to, feel free to ask it in the comments section or on our Forum. I may answer it here, or I may wait and schedule another barefoot teleseminar and dive into it on the call.

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