Barefoot Running Myths, Lies, and TRUTH #5 – It’s Frustrating to Learn

If learning barefoot running is frustrating, then it’s clearly not for you… that is, unless you understand the VALUE of frustration.

And how long should it really take to learn to run barefooted?

You’re about to find out…

Any thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Barefoot Running Myths, Lies, and TRUTH #5 – It’s Frustrating to Learn

  1. For me, the real challenge was accepting the time it takes to make the transition to running better. I was willing to pay with sore calves (mine were woefully underdeveloped relative to my upper legs) to push the transition faster than I probably should have. In all, it took about two years. I am still learning and improving my efficiency. Great tips on using feedback from the body to improve form rather than using adaptive technology to Band-Aid the problem! No shoe has ever given better feedback than my Xeros.

  2. great series… Thanks.

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