Barefoot Running Myths, Lies, and TRUTH #3 – Prepare to run barefoot

You can’t just START running barefoot without some sort of preparation. Stretching. Strengthening. Something.



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3 thoughts on “Barefoot Running Myths, Lies, and TRUTH #3 – Prepare to run barefoot

  1. Steven, I am about to start the process of transiting into barefoot running. Based on the amount of running I am doing right now do you recommend people continue running the remaining amount within the shoes they are used to wearing? For example, if I were running 30 miles per week and I took a conservative and reasonable transition approach to introducing barefoot running of approximately 30 seconds and moving up from there I would obviously but far short of the total distances I typically run. Therefore, do you advice people continue running in their former shoes as they make the slow switch?

    1. Start by just adding the barefoot time at the beginning of a run, or on an “off day.” Then as your barefoot distance/time increases, swap it out for shod running. Make sense?

      1. That makes sense, thank you very much!

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