Foot tattoos and barefoot sandals

On Facebook, Sarah asked:

I’m getting the tops of my feet tattooed and need to find a way to tie them so that none of the laces touch the top of my feet! My big toe too! I figure a loop over my 2nd and 3rd toe….but anyone have tying suggestions for the heel?

I said, “Well, that’s a tricky one. A ‘flip-flop’ style will touch the top of your foot, and SOMETHING has to hold in on around your heel or it’ll slip off…”

But then I came up with the perfect answer. I’m going to use this tying style from now on!

A new huarache sandal tying style

And, yes, this is an early April Fool’s joke… there’s no way you could actually run/walk with this… oh, wait, if I made the strap out of elastic… 😉

2 thoughts on “Foot tattoos and barefoot sandals

  1. Not sure how this will work as a shoe design but running a lace from under the side of the foot across the heel and under the other side (knotted underneath on each side?) should work for a strap to grip the heel. Then, if the only toe that must be left free is the great toe — do I read that requirement right? — then loops over the other four toes, either individually or together should hold the toe on. It may look like like the anti-Flipflop. Instead of one strap between the first and second toes, there are straps for loops over each of the others.

    Just a suggestion as a starting place.

  2. I bet a can of spray adhesive would also solve the problem. It might make taking the shoes off hard but who would want to take off xero shoes?

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