Get an extra pair of laces in one of 9 fun colors!


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Product Description

Grab an extra pair of laces in one of 7 fun colors:

Black, Royal Purple, Forest Green, Lime, Pink, Red, or White (we’re out of Brown, and Royal Blue).

Each set of laces comes with a pair (2 laces) of six-foot laces made of 5/32″ nylon/polypropylene.

Why nylon/polypro?

Compared to leather, nylon/polypro offers a number of advantages:

  • Water resistant (leather stretches and contracts when it gets wet/dry)
  • No hard edges (leather’s edges can bite into the skin)
  • Color-safe (dyed leather’s color can run)
  • No breaking in period (leather starts out pretty stiff)
  • Non-stretch (if your laces stretch, your feet can shift over — and off — your sandal)
  • Long lasting
  • Inexpensive
  • Makes a small knot
  • FUN colors!


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