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  • custom-made Xero Shoes Barefoot sandals

    Custom-Made Xero Shoes

    Don't want to make one of our DIY kits? We'll take a tracing of your foot and custom-make your Xero Shoes for you, then.

    Click here for help choosing between 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact.

    Choose between 4mm Connect & 6mm Contact
    This video explains the differences between the 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact
    The important question is really just: How much barefoot feel do you want?The 4mm Connect is the closest thing you'll get to barefoot, but with a layer of protection. The 6mm Contact still has great ground-feel, but “smooths out the ride” a bit more.Some people prefer the 4mm on trails, because it lets them really grip the rocks and roots… others like the 6mm in that situation because it provides more protection.Similarly, some people like the 4mm on roads because it's really like being barefoot… and others like the 6mm because it's a bit stiffer and, therefore, makes even a smooth surface feel a bit smoother

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  • ToeSox Grip toe socks

    ToeSox – Stay Warm in the Cold

    A pair of ToeSox is the perfect way to stay warm when it gets chilly outside. With non-slip grip bottoms and a “barely there” fit, ToeSox are a great match for your Xeros.

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  • Xero Shoes Gift Certificates

    Xero Gift Certificates

    The perfect gift… a gift certificate for Xero products.

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  • Earth Ball foot massager

    Earth Balls

    Massage your feet, strengthen your arches, and Feel The World with an Earth Ball!

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