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  • Lace-Ends-Tensioners

    Amuri Hardware Tensioners and Lace Ends

    Want to lace your DIY Xero Shoes kit like our Amuri Cloud and Venture.

    These Lace Ends and Tensioners will get you started.

    $1.29 $0.97   
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  • Black-Heel-Tube

    Amuri Hardware Heel Tubes

    Add some extra comfort to your DIY Xero Shoes heel strap.

    Grab a pair of silicone Amuri Heel Tubes here. Only $2.99/pair.

    $2.99 $2.25   
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  • Black-Toe-Posts

    Amuri Hardware Toe Posts

    Want to replace your DIY “knot” with the Amuri Toe Posts?

    Grab a pair here. Only $1.49/pair.

    $1.49 $1.11   
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  • OMG Xero Shoes are the closest thing to barefoot

    Xero OMG T-Shirts

    Xero + You = a Xero T-Shirt


    $14.95 $7.49   
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  • Xero Shoes Shirts

    Xero T-Shirts

    Xero + You = a Xero T-Shirt


    $14.95 $7.49   
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  • ToeSox Grip toe socks

    ToeSox – Stay Warm in the Cold

    A pair of ToeSox is the perfect way to stay warm when it gets chilly outside. With non-slip grip bottoms and a “barely there” fit, ToeSox are a great match for your Xeros.

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  • Amuri-Kit-Black-New

    Amuri Hardware Kit – Complete

    Like the lacing system in our Amuri barefoot sandals?

    Add the Amuri Lacing System to your DIY Xero Shoes for only $5.99.

    From: $5.99 $4.49   
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