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Amuri Hardware Toe Posts

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4.00 out of 5

Want to replace your DIY “knot” with the Amuri Toe Posts?

Grab a pair here. Only $1.49/pair.

Only 381 Left. Order soon. Typically ships within 1 business day.

Want something stronger than the “Toe Knot” in your Xero Shoes Do-It-Yourself kit?

Or, do you want to make it easier to swap out your laces with different colors?

Then use the Toe Posts from our Amuri products.

The Amuri Toe posts are made of comfortable, flexible, super-strong TPU.

In fact, you can take any similar product to our DIY kits and Amuri-ize it with the Complete Hardware kit here.

Grab an extra pair of laces for the “Amuri look.”

While the photos, below, show the components in various colors, the hardware is all Black.

Here’s how you take the FeelTrue® soles from our DIY Kit and “Amuri-ize it:”

Step 1 – Pull the Toe Post through the hole that you punch in the kit (yes, it’ll fit!)

a) Put a lace through the Toe Post and put the ends of the lace in the “Hi-Tech Lacing Tool” (the hair pin we include with our DIY Kits). I’ve made the lace small here, so you can see the whole thing.


b) Push the Hair Pin through the toe hole you’ve made in your DIY kit’s FeelTrue® sole.


c) Pull the lace through until the Toe Post is up against the sole.


d) In a smooth motion (don’t jerk), pull the lace until the toe hole stretches enough for the Toe Post to come through.

Trust me. It works (this is how we make all our Amuri sandals).


Some people ask if you can feel the Toe Post under your foot…

Well, the bottom of the Toe Post isn’t much bigger than the knot you make for your DIY kit. We haven’t had anyone yet say that it bothers them.

If you do feel it, feel free to experiment with trimming or sanding it down just a bit at a time to get the feeling you want.



Average Rating: 4 / 5 based on 3  reviews

Amuri Hardware Toe Posts
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Post Working Well for Me

I wear my xero's to work . I found the knot system pulling out at times when my foot movements went from side to side on carpets. The Posts seem to eliminate that problem. The fit seems more secure with the Post.

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A Verified Reviewer is a user who has connected a social network with our site, providing an added level of transparency and trust.

Back to the Knot

Well, I bought the toe posts back in August 2014 when they were pretty new and I was excited to try them. I have been wearing Xero shoes DIY sandals since Spring 2013 and absolutely will not wear ANY other sandals. I love the feel true soles and I love being able to tie my sandals however I want. One of the biggest problems I've encountered was the knot getting worn on the bottom of the sole and then breaking off. (I worked as a preschool teacher and one day I had to walk truly barefoot to my boss and try to find a pair of pliers so I could re-tie a temporary knot for the rest of the day. And believe me, my boss was quite astonished that I "make my own shoes.") Well, after I'd dealt with knots breaking off several times over 2 summers of constant wear, I figured the toe posts would be the solution. I knew I would have to relearn to tie my sandals, which I was able to do after a few hours, and I knew that the rubber post would feel different than the oh so comfortable cords. I was prepared for that, and began wearing my new 4mm connect soles with the posts. I wore them comfortably for about 2 months when it began to be too cold outside. The next spring I was excited to get to wear them again, even before the snow melted! I wore them continually from March til the sad day in mid April when the toe post on my left foot snapped in two pieces. I was in Home Depot at the time shopping with my husband, and I was a bit hormonal -- so I started crying. I went back to the car and tried to figure out how I could temporarily put my shoe back together, but unfortunately found I would have to entirely relace the sandal. Once I got home I took the other post out (I had to cut it to get it out) and tied my shoes the old way with the familiar figure 8 knot. The knot has lasted me the rest of the year, and I don't think I'll buy the toe posts again.

- Posts require that you tie your shoes differently
- Rubber is a bit thicker between your toes and does still cause a lump under your shoe
- Posts are VERY hard to install and remove - I had to cut mine off when I needed to get it out.
- Posts are said to be more durable, but mine snapped off after only a few months of wear - snapped at the base even though they didn't look worn out at all.
- I will continue to use the knot as repairing a broken string is more feasible than relacing your entire shoe.

(NOTE from XERO -- sadly, manufacturing is not a 100% perfect process. Most of our customers have put thousands of miles on their sandals without a toe post issue -- I've been using mine for over 2 years without a hitch. And most people don't ever remove/replace them. All that said, THANKS for your support!)

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A Verified Reviewer is a user who has connected a social network with our site, providing an added level of transparency and trust.

A must have . . .

Take the stress of the knot burning away and enjoy a long, break free existence during demanding hauls on rocky terrain.

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