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Amuri Hardware Heel Tubes


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Add some extra comfort to your DIY Xero Shoes heel strap.

Grab a pair of silicone Amuri Heel Tubes here. Only $2.99/pair.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Want to add some extra comfort to the heel strap of your Xero Shoes Do-It-Yourself kit?

Then use the Heel Tubes  from our original Amuri products.

The Amuri Heel Tubes are made of comfortable, flexible, super-soft silicone

In fact, you can take any similar product to our DIY kits and Amuri-ize it with the Complete Hardware kit here.

There are 2 sizes of the Amuri Heel Tubes

  1. Small, if your feet are less than 9.5 inches long (not a SIZE 9.5… a LENGTH of 9.5″) or 240mm
  2. Regular, if your feet are larger than 9.5 inches or 241 mm


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Al Kavadlo

“Xero Shoes are the closest thing to actual barefoot running. Putting them on made me feel like a Native American warrior! They're great for my strength training workouts as well as running"

Al Kavadlo


“The shoes basically fade away, and you feel like you’re barefoot all the time. I’ve put hundreds of miles on them, both walking and running, and have never wished for another shoe."



“There is nothing I enjoy more than putting on my Xero Shoes and running on trails. My feet have gotten much stronger. And the other day I actually snuck up on a deer!"


Tracy Jones

“These are pretty much the only shoes I wear now. Within a week of putting them on, my plantar fasciitis completely disappeared. I did some arch stretches during this time, but that’s all it took."

Tracy Jones


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