Xero Shoes — Shoes made for FEET!

I know that can sound silly. You may think, “ALL shoes are made for feet. You don’t put shoes on your hands.”

But, look at your average shoe… and compare it to an average foot and tell me if you see a problem.

Foot shape vs. shoe shape

Seems simple, yes? Feet aren’t pointy (unless you shove them into pointy shoes), they’re not essentially straight (in fact, some feet are way more curved than what’s in the picture).

Xero Shoes – Natural Footwear for Natural Movement

We make Xero Shoes differently. We make Xero Shoes for feet. Your feet.

To do this, all our sandals and shoes are grounded in the “3 pillars of Natural”:

  1. Natural FIT — Our sandals and shoes have wide toe boxes to let your feet spread out naturally. They have non-elevated “zero-drop” soles for proper posture.
  2. Natural Flexibility and Function — Our exclusive FeelTrue and FeelLite soles let your feet bend, and flex the way they’re supposed to, for balance and agility.
  3. Natural Feel — There are more nerve endings on the bottom of your feet than anywhere but your finger tips and lips. Your feet are supposed to FEEL the World. Our footwear lets you do that, with a Goldilocks “just-right” layer of protection.
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