Xero Shoes Named “Most Barefoot”

In the first-ever ranking system for barefoot and minimalist shoes, Xero Shoes (the new name for Invisible Shoes) achieved the highest rating. The Canadian sports physiotherapy site, http://www.TheRunningClinic.ca, compared over 40 “barefoot” or minimalist shoes on a scale from 1-100%. Xero Shoes earned a top-rated 94%.

The Running Clinic site says about Xero Shoes, “As minimalist as footwear can get! …highly recommended and very minimalistic price.”

The rating system tries to resolve the confusion in the barefoot/minimalist footwear market, where many products are sold using the same terminology, by comparing products’ dynamism, flexibility, and weight. Xero Shoes ranked at the top in all 3 categories.

Sashen hopes the website’s rating scale becomes more popular so consumers can purchase what they truly want. “Most of the shoes that call themselves ‘barefoot,’” says Xero Shoes developer Steven Sashen, “are no closer to barefoot than a pair of stilts.”

“What we’re most proud of,” says Sashen, “is that none of the other products with a rating over 90% can be used for serious running. But we have thousands of runners, and even hundreds of ultramarathoners, who use our shoes.”

“Plus,” Sashen adds, “our closest competitor scored an 83, and the top-selling minimalist shoe, the Nike Free, only scored a 72.”

According to the website, “A perfect shoe should protect the skin from lacerations and cold, while minimizing the interface between the foot and the ground. The better the shoe is at replicating a bare foot situation, the [better].”

  • Hi Pete,

    Xero Shoes have a 5,000 mile warranty so, yes, they last.

    Unlike the various toe shoes: These fit, no matter what your foot shape. They’re “more barefoot” (see http://www.xeroshoes.com/compare/). You have more freedom of movement. They don’t smell 😉 … they don’t rip. They cost 1/4 as much. They weigh 1/2 as much (or less)… need me to go on? 😉

  • Absolutely, Pete. Many of our customers are walkers and hikers. I wear mine for everything: walking, hiking, camping, running, swimming in Boulder Creek…

  • Absolutely, Pete. Many of our customers are walkers and hikers. I wear mine for everything: walking, hiking, camping, running, swimming in Boulder Creek…

  • Julie

    Dear Steven Sashen and wife, Lena, of course: I saw you both and your shoes
    on Shark Tank and fell in love with them. I love the barefoot look, well
    the concept and everything struck me as amazing. i can hardly wait to
    try them In my 40’s and 50’s I ran 26,000 miles in Tigers by ASICS.
    Yes, I rean 50 miles per week for 10 years. I won a lot of trophies for
    1st and 2nd place for my age group in L.A. in 10K’s. I ran 5 half
    marathons (no trophies) but felt too beat up the next day to do much
    more than that. I understand how these shoes would build up strength
    in your muscles in your feet, ankles and legs. Looking forward to
    trying them. I’d like to get back into running even if it is only 20
    minutes per day to start. I’ll be 70 in March. So I’m slowing down a
    bit. Thanks for your invention. It has inspired me to run again. I’m so
    glad your soles won’t grow bacteria. that is where smelly shoes come
    from-bacterial growth. Seniors can wear these shoes all over their
    house too. In south Florida where I retired… we wear a lot of casual
    clothes and sandals , but walking on Tile floors hurts the bones in our
    feet if we go barefoot in the house. AS we age we lose fat in our feet.
    So it seems like bone to floor contact without fat as a cushion. So a
    little cushioning from the xero shoe sounds like a solution and is a
    great thing for us. See there is another market you may not have thought
    of: seniors. WE can wear these all over our homes and feel free and
    barefoot now. yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy ! Julie