Recent Press Releases

Former Crocs Director of Sales and Operations and, more recently, Vice President of Business Development for Brand 44 Colorado, Emilio Torres, joins Xero Shoes as VP of Sales and Marketing.
Former Crocs CEO, John McCarvel, joins Xero Shoes as Chairman of the Board and lead investor.
Xero Shoes Slashes Weight and Bulk from Sport Sandals with new Z-Trek — Introducing our newest product, the Amuri Z-Trek sport sandal.
Xero Shoes Selected for 2014 Angel Capital Summit — Rockies Venture Club selected Xero Shoes to pitch at the 2014 Angel Capital Summit.
Xero Shoes Hosts IBRD — International Barefoot Running Day is May 5th, and Xero Shoes is hosting a 1k and 5k DONUT DASH!
Xero Shoes Third Anniversary — Xero Shoes celebrates its third anniversary with a new name, new office, new products and a big sale that coincides with the holiday.
Xero Shoes Hires Dennis Driscoll — Dennis Driscoll, a 35-year shoe industry veteran who co-founded Avia Athletic Footwear and was the head of Global Product design at Crocs, has joined the Xero Shoes team as Chief Development Officer.
Xero Shoes Sandals Provide an Alternative to Orthotics — Are orthotics the solution to lower limb problems? Or are they just a panacea? Does natural movement provide an alternative?



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  • Joshua deCarlo

    Subject: Dennis Driscol

    I don’t think I’ve ever read the “Press” page on a website before. But this part was interesting. But that was like a year ago. How is he working out for you? I am glad that nothing about the shoe itself has changed. Let me just say that I was very impressed and surprised at the nature of the sole. I thought it was just going to be a flat piece of rubber cut on a bandsaw. But I was VERY pleased to find a professionally made (from a plastic injection mold?) sole in my mail box.

    • Dennis is our Head of Product Design and Development and is still working with us. And, since you asked… compression molded into that elegant shape 😉