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I dare you to run barefoot! Or bigfoot. Or both!

What inspires someone to take off their shoes and run barefoot?

For Khanh Nguyen it was knee pain and the hope that barefoot running would help.

Once he got started, in bare feet and in Xero Shoes, he was on fire. He’s run 1/2 marathons, mud races and, most recently, he ran UP the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas in his Xero Shoes. AND, he did it in our Bigfoot, the Xero Hero costume!

Enjoy this really fun interview with Khanh, and see what motivates him to run (hint: his brother dared him!)

Bigfoot wears barefoot shoes? Yup.

Have you seen bigfoot?

If you were in Las Vegas on March 2nd at the Stratosphere hotel, you probably did.

In fact, you may have seen this mysterious barefoot beast climb the Strat!

While most people who claim to see bigfoot have grainy, fuzzy pictures or video, we have high-resolution proof of his existence. And, even more, we have proof that Bigfoot wears barefoot running shoes. Xero Shoes, to be exact! Continue Reading

Transition to Barefoot Running – Xero Shoes interviews Alex Hill

Why would you make the transition to running barefoot? And what’s it like to do that?

How do you avoid doing “too much, too soon”?

Are Vibram Fivefingers the same as barefoot? The best minimalist choice?

We sat down (well, stood up, since I use a treadmill desk ;-) ) and talked with Alex Hill about how and why he made the move. Plus we get 2 special guests during our talk, and see some AWESOME feet when we do.

Alex made a “commercial” about Xero Shoes… here it is:

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