Time to WIN Chi Running again

Danny Dreyer from Chi Running has another giveaway! Enter below to win 1 a year to subscription to the ChiRunning School ($120 value), 1 pair Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud Sandals ($49.99 value), 1 case Nanu Performance Nutrition Bars ($32 value). The more you enter, the better your chances to win a Rafflecopter giveaway

Maximalist shoes are better? NOT!

This just in from the “What a shock… NOT!” department: Harvard’s Irene Davis and Matthew Ruder reported that runners in “maximalist” shoes, like the Hoka One One, have “significantly greater” vertical impact loading than they do in traditional running shoes. In other words, add more padding and, seemingly paradoxically, you rely on the padding and… Read more

Ankle support, Arch support, Flat Feet and High Arches

Do you need arch support? Ankle support? If so, try the newest product on the market today, FEET! New and improved for 2015 with built-in arch support and ankle support! You’ve tried everything else — shoes, orthotics, inserts — now try FEET! Their flexible construction with almost 1/4 of all the bones and joints in… Read more

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Sandals

Some people love the feeling of sand between their toes. Others. Not so much. Same thing with stand up paddle boarding. Some love to SUP bare footed. Others want a bit of protection, especially if they’re somewhere that they have to jump off onto a less-than-ideal surface (think coral, or rocks, or ewwy-gooey things 😉… Read more

Xero Shoes Sponsors the Warrior Hike

For the second year, Xero Shoes is a proud sponsor of Warrior Hike. What, you may ask, is Warrior Hike? Well, I can’t explain it better than what it says on their website: In 1948, Earl Shaffer told a friend he was going to “walk off the war” to work out the sights, sounds, and losses… Read more

Sandals for Barefoot Running? KWGN Investigates.

Vicky Evans from KWGN came out to our new office to check out Xero Shoes. What did she think? Watch the video and find out… While Vicky emphasized barefoot running, people enjoy Xero Shoes for, well, anything you can imagine doing in a sandal… and things you would NEVER do in a flip flop: A… Read more

GOSHEN Movie Trailer – Watch it here!

As many of you know, Xero Shoes were inspired by the Tarahumara of Mexico. First, we were inspired by their story of running enjoyably and injury-free into their 70s and beyond. Then we were inspired by the fact that they ran barefoot or in huaraches — sandals they made out of scraps of tire and… Read more

Best Summer Time Sandals

Thanks to Tamara Kleinberg from www.TheShuuk.com for showing off Xero Shoes as one of the cool inventions for Spring on KWGN Fox 31 in Denver. Of course, we think they’re great for Summer, too… and Fall… and Winter 😉

TrailMax Ultra Running Sandal

Introducing the new TrailMax running sandal. The USA-made sports sandal ingeniously combines the benefits of zero-drop, barefoot footwear with jaw-dropping 65 mm (5.26 inch) of dense, anti-memory foam rubber in the sole for maximum cushioning support. The TrailMax weighs less than the Hoka but boasts more than twice the stack height. According to Boulder-based TrailMax’s… Read more