Why you want flexible footwear

m c schraefel (yes, that’s how she writes her name) offers not only an awesome review of our new Umara Z-Trail sandal, but a great explanation of WHY you want flexible footwear. As you’ll see, it’s not rocket science: Almost 1/4 of all the bones and joints in your body are in your feet. Your… Read more

Is there a Xero Shoes conspiracy?

Some people think that our mission at Xero Shoes is to rid the world of all other sandals, flip flops, and running shoes and replace them with our lightweight performance recreation footwear. Well, Joel Ellis has stumbled onto something about our true plans that’s far more sinister, infinitely more insidious, and perhaps even bordering on… Read more

Emilio Torres Joins Xero Shoes as VP Sales & Marketing

Emilio Torres, the former Director of Sales Operations for Crocs and, more recently, Vice President of Business Development for Brand 44 Colorado, joins Xero Shoes as Vice President of Sales & Marketing We are THRILLED to announce that Emilio Torres has come on board as our Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Emilio comes to… Read more

Congrats to the Z-Trail Sweepstakes Winners!

4,117 people entered our Z-Trail our Ultimate Sandal Sweepstakes Giveaway! And we’re thrilled to annouce the 61 winners… 58 were randomly chosen and 3 were commenters. And then, well, we added more prizes and winners, as you’ll see below 😉 Oh, and over 2,200 people grabbed their Z-Trail sandals during the launch! If you weren’t… Read more

Introducing our newest sport sandal – Umara Z-Trail

We’re extremely proud to announce our newest Xero Shoes product — the Umara Z-Trail sandal. Why are some people calling it “The Ultimate Sandal 2.0”? Well, last year’s Z-Trek seemed to be the Ultimate Sandal… but the new Z-Trail takes it a step further. It gives you an unparalleled combination of: Protection Comfort Light Weight… Read more

Share It To Win It

STEP 1 Sign In Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Google or You are successfully registered for the giveaway.   STEP 2 Scroll down and start sharing! Share The Lightweight Packable Sport Sandal – Men’s Share The Lightweight Packable Sport Sandal – Women’s Share The Lightweight Performance Recreation Sandal – Men’s Share The Lightweight… Read more

The “Tempurpedic Explanation” for barefoot running

You’ll enjoy this great talk with Josh Hewett from Top-Form-Fitness.com where we cover: The top problems people have when trying barefoot running (and their solutions) The three key moves that let you easily and comfortably run barefoot The 4 types of barefoot runners — knowing which you are changes EVERYTHING Why “minimalist” shoes are not… Read more

I woke up with plantar fasciitis… or did I?

It happened this morning. I woke up, took one step out of bed, and felt the searing pain in my heel that’s a sure sign of plantar fasciitis. Clearly, all this barefoot running isn’t good for me and caused this horrible injury. Except that it didn’t! In fact, I’ve had a cold and barely been… Read more

Xero Hero – Marissa Ruxin

We’re thrilled to welcome Marissa Ruxin as a Xero Hero. Here’s her story: I ran track and cross country in high school and had to take a whole season off because I got stress fractures in both shins due to my running and the shoes that I wore. People were telling me to get special… Read more