How to run an ultramarathon (or 7) in Xero Shoes

I love it when people ask, “Can you really run in those things?” as I run by them in my Xero Shoes. Well, Jonathan Sinclair and Melissa Gosse, otherwise known as Ultra Mel & Jon — at — had that experience a LOT of times recently. That’s because they ran the Madagascar Race the… Read more

Run faster and stronger with the Exer-Genie

I know, I know… “Exer-genie” sounds like the name of a fitness gadget that women in the 1950’s would have used. But don’t let the name fool you. This is one serious piece of equipment, all rolled up into a tiny, travel-friendly, package that anyone of any fitness level can use to get stronger and… Read more

Mindful Running with Michael Sandler

Some readers may know that Michael Sandler is one of the reasons Xero Shoes exists. Back in the Summer of 2009 he said, “You know, if you treated this hobby of making barefoot sandals like a business — and built a website — I’d put you in a book that I’m writing called Barefoot Running.”… Read more

Who will run the first 1:59 marathon?

Dennis Kimetto shattered the marathon world record when he ran 2:02:57 in Berlin. But how fast can we really go over a 26.2 mile course? 2:01? 2:00? Faster? Well, long-time distance running guru, Phil Maffetone thinks 1:59 is do-able. VERY do-able. And he also thinks that the person who sets that record will be running… Read more

Can Xero Shoes find the love of your life?

Google alerted us to this Xero Shoes-based “Missed Connection”. Can you help them un-miss? I can’t wait until we have our first Xero Shoes inspired romance!

National Runner Survey 2014

Calling all RUNNERS! What motivates you to run? What is your favorite race distance? How often do you run? You are being invited to participate in Running USA’s National Runner Survey, a comprehensive survey to assess the demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, habits, and product preferences of the running population nationwide. The National Runner Survey is easy… Read more

Help Xero Shoes test our newest barefoot sandal

Love Xero Shoes? Want to help us make them even better? Apply to become a Xero Shoes Wear Tester! We have an exciting new product and need some “on the road” feedback. If you: are an existing customer who has been wearing Xero Shoes for at least 2 months live in the continental US wear… Read more

Xero Shoes September Giveway!

Win a complete Xero Shoes Gear package — including a pair of Amuri Cloud barefoot sandals, a Xero T-Shirt, a pair of ToeSox (for the cooler weather), and an Earth Ball massager. Total value of the giveaway is over $90 (actually, $82.89 plus shipping) Enter below (give it a few seconds for the giveaway app… Read more

What are Xero Shoes? This video explains it

Xero Shoes are lightweight, flexible, performance recreation sandals that let’s you go everywhere and do everything… naturally. If sport sandals and flip flops had a baby with super powers, that would be Xero Shoes. Xero Shoes let you have total natural, barefoot-style movement, with the protection you want, a style you can make your very… Read more