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Bigfoot wears barefoot shoes? Yup.

Have you seen bigfoot?

If you were in Las Vegas on March 2nd at the Stratosphere hotel, you probably did.

In fact, you may have seen this mysterious barefoot beast climb the Strat!

While most people who claim to see bigfoot have grainy, fuzzy pictures or video, we have high-resolution proof of his existence. And, even more, we have proof that Bigfoot wears barefoot running shoes. Xero Shoes, to be exact! Continue Reading

Xero Shoes heads Down Under

Outdoor industry analysts, SportsOneSource, reported our good news:

Xero Shoes Enters Australian Market
SportsOneSource Media     Posted: 1/15/2014

Xero Shoes announced that Stepping Out Footwear of Sidney will represent Xero Shoes in Australia and New Zealand.

After the Colorado maker of barefoot-­‐inspired footwear appeared on Shark Tank, and since the release of their ready-­to-­wear Sensori line of recreational performance sandals, Xero Shoes’ expansion has accelerated dramatically, with this being the first aggressive move into international retail.

Stepping Out Footwear’s Director, Hamish Lorimer, has 20 years of experience introducing international brands to the Australian market.

“When I saw the new Xero line of sandals at the Atlanta Shoe Market, I realized immediately that this was a perfect product for Australia. The simplicity, durability, and elegance all fit with the active lifestyle we lead down here. And with 8 months of sandal-­‐wearing weather, it really is, well… a PERFECT fit,” said Lorimer.

Xero Shoes CEO, Steven Sashen, said, “We know that Australia and New Zealand have a big flip flop culture. And the comfort, performance, and style that Xero Shoes provide make our products a total ‘flip-­flop killer.’”

Feel The World, Inc. of Boulder, CO, manufactures Xero Shoes, a high-­‐tech upgrade on the traditional huaraches running sandal of the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico.

Needless to say, we are EXTREMELY excited about having more Aussies enjoying the fun and benefits of Barefootware®.

The state of running shoes in 2014

The state of running shoes 2014On Jan 15th, I was part of a GREAT conversation (podcast) about the state of footwear and barefootware, with 1980 Olympic marathoner, Benji Durden, Michael Sandler from Runbare, RL Smith from In-Step shoes and, of course… ME!

George Thomas from Over The Top Radio moderated and, well, not surprisingly, nobody pulled any punches when we gave our thoughts about the truth behind running shoes, barefoot running, minimalism, and “Big Shoe.”–trends-in-running


Bare feet, strong feet

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and the Natural Running Center have put out a great ebook about the benefits of being barefoot and natural movement.

According to the NRC site, the premise: Healthy Feet = Healthy Running.

I’d add healthy walking, hiking, strolling, yoga, working out… and everything else you do on your feet.

The free ebook looks at a study done in 1905 by Dr. Phil Hoffman, where he compared the feet of barefooted and shoe-wearing (shod) people, and includes commentary on the study by Mark, Dr. Casey Kerrigan, and Dr. Phil Maffetone.

It’s stellar.

And did I mention: free

Click the image below to pick up your copy.

healthy barefoot running book

Minimalist Running and Riding – the Xero Biathlon

frank and william - barefoot running sandal biathlon Want to run a race, but there isn’t one scheduled?

Want to tackle a biathlon (running and bike riding), but there isn’t one in your neighborhood?

Want to run barefoot or in minimalist shoes, but tired of people yelling, “You can’t do that!” at you?

Getting too cold for racing in barefoot-style sandals?

Well, Frank Jones and William Nichols solved all those problems: They made their own Xero Shoes race!

Here’s the report:

Inaugural Xero Shoes Bialthlon a Resounding Success

by Frank Jones, BareRunners News
Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

As they made their way to the medal ceremony, the sheer joy of victory remained etched in their faces. William Nichols and Frank Jones had just finished first and second in the Inaugural Xero Shoes Biathlon, sponsored by BareRunners.

The event, which took place today at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, was the brainchild of BareRunners founder, William Nichols. “Southern Illinois is a great locale for a variety of races and athletic events,” he told this reporter. “The goal of today’s race was to highlight and emphasize the healthy running benefits of minimalist running” or “barerunning” as Nichols and his fellow barefoot enthusiasts like to call it. To participate in today’s run, competitors were required to wear Xero Shoes. “The BareRunners love these shoes, and we encourage others to ‘feel the world’ with us!”, Nichols said.

The Xero Shoes Biathlon was held entirely indoors at the Scott AFB Fitness Center. It began with a grueling five-mile sprint on stationary bikes. From there, it was a quick transition upstairs for a tough three-mile dash…52 mind-numbing laps around the indoor track! Spectators stood in awe as the competitors completed this epic battle. In the end, Nichols pulled ahead of Jones for an overall first-place finish. “I may have finished first,” he said, “but we are all winners!”

Jones, a retired USAF colonel, and today’s runner-up, praised the event sponsors: “I’d like to thank [them] for putting on a great event!” He also credited his training partner, William Nichols, “for training with me, for always keeping me motivated, and for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.”

Scott AFB Exercise Physiologist, Mr. Al Bromley, credits Nichols and Jones for the blossoming minimalist movement at the air base. “I see these guys every day, and I’m amazed at what they accomplish in these Xero Shoes!” he exclaimed. Bromley has been a strong supporter of the BareRunners, offering support and advice as more and more athletes kick off their shoes and run barefoot or minimalist.

Congrats to both William and Frank for an impressive race!

Here are some more photos of the triumphant duo.

william nichols barefoot sandal biathlon frank jones barefoot sandal biathlon Frank Jones Minimalist Biathlon - Bike William Nichols Barefoot Biathlon - Bike

Measure your foot for the Sensori Venture

Barefoot sandals don’t fit the same way as shoes, or other sandals. Just because you wear, say, a size 10 Nike Free, that doesn’t mean you’ll wear a size 10 Sensori Venture (and, I’m willing to bet you have other shoes that are 9.5 or 10.5… so are you really a 10 ;-) ?)

By following the instructions below, you’ll get the correct fit for your Sensori Venture sandals.

NOTE: Please follow these instructions to avoid ordering problems

3 Simple Steps to the Correct Fit

1) Measure your foot

Measure your feet for huarache barefoot sandals

  • Place a piece of paper against a wall (if you have VERY large feet, use a piece of newspaper.
  • Place your foot on the paper, with your heel against the wall.
  • Make a mark on the paper at the furthest point away from the wall… this will either be just in front of your big toe or second toe
  • Take a ruler and measure from the edge of the paper to the mark you made.

Here’s a video showing the process

2. Check your measurement against the chart, below

This will give you a good idea of your size… but PLEASE follow the next step whenever possible.

3. Verify the correct fit by printing the Sensori Venture size template and comparing it to your foot

Foot Length
Foot Length
Men’s Women’s Print Template
Up to 9 1/8″ Up to 231mm 5 6 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 9 1/2″ Up to 240mm 6 7 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 9 3/4″ Up to 248mm 7 8 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 10 1/8″ Up to 256mm 8 9 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 10 1/2″ Up to 265mm 9 10 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 10 3/4″ Up to 273mm 10 11 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 11 1/8″ Up to 281mm 11 12 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 11 1/2″ Up to 290mm 12 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 11 3/4″ Up to 300mm 13 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template
Up to 12 1/8″ Up to 309mm 14 Barefoot Sandal Template Click to print Template

Note: Make sure you print the templates at Actual Size (100% Scale).

Here’s a video showing how to use the Template:

We want to make sure you get the correct size and enjoy your Sensori Ventures. If you have any questions, call us at 303.447.3100 or email us

Which of these non-barefoot sneakers have you worn?

Which of the shoes, below, have you worn?

I’ll never forget my first pair of Nike Waffle Trainers. I can’t recall exactly how old I was, 10-12?, but I remember putting the red nylon shoes on my feet, walking out of the shoe store (wow, remember when you used to go to ONE shoe store for all your shoes and there was someone there who KNEW you and your feet!?), leaning forward as I was about to run…

… and before I even took off, I loved them.


Toe spring.

That’s the upward angle that most running shoes put your toes in so that when you roll forward, you rock onto your toes.

As a sprinter, I just run ON my toes. And when I leaned forward in these Waffles, they instantly put me in the position I ran in. I was elated. I remember thinking, “It’s like they made these shoes for how I run!”

The irony, of course, is now that I run barefoot, I HATE toe spring. Toe spring makes my foot move unnaturally, no matter how gentle the arc of it is (in the Waffles it was a sharp bend).

Toe spring doesn’t let my toes actually push, or bend, or flex.

Ah, memories.

And speaking of memories, which of these sneakers do you remember, or did you have in your closet at some time? Share it with friends and see if we can get a BINGO ;-)

(click to enlarge)History of Sneakers

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