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What are zero drop shoes?

“Zero Drop” is a term originally coined by the makers of Altra Shoes to describe footwear where the heel is at the same height as the ball of the foot. This is what your foot does, naturally, when you’re standing on a level surface in bare feet.

But most running shoes are, essentially, high-heeled shoes, with a “differential” between the height of the heel and the height of the ball of the foot as high as one inch.

Now that you can find minimalist shoes, big shoe companies are now joyfully advertising their minimalist shoes as zero drop, or low drop. But does that really matter for you? And are Xero Shoes zero drop, especially the new Amuri Cloud.

This video, inspired by a question on our forum, should answer that.


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How do you learn barefoot running?

I received a message from Bryan on Facebook, asking if I had some advice about the fact that when he goes for a run in Xero Shoes, sometimes he can do 3-4 miles without a problem, but sometimes he gets some soreness after a mile or so.

I decided to add my response as a Barefoot Running Q&A video (it’s much more fun that typing).

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Barefoot Running Q&A – Transitioning, pain, and cold weather

Here’s another Barefoot Running Q&A video, where I take an email I’ve received and give an answer on video.

In this video we look at the relationship between barefoot and minimalist shoes, foot and calf pain  during the transition to barefoot, how minimalist shoes fit in with the transition to bare feet, and how to handle the cold.

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