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Dogs say “Go Barefoot” or grrrrrrr…

Whether you love cats or dogs, this video will prove that dogs deserve the title “Man’s Best Friend” when you see what they do to the “foot coffins” most people call “shoes.”

They know that barefoot is best (and Xero’s are the closest thing to barefoot) ;-)

Know the dangers of distance running!

Parents, do you know the warning signs of “distance running?”

Are your children under the influence of the evil pushers of 5k racing?

We hope this video will help you save your children from the unnecessary suffering that this horrible addiction can cause. ;-)

Big thanks to everyone at BYU TV for this hilarious bit (and the shout-out to bare foot running)!

Running Shoes Insider Magazine – Secret edition!

After some sneaky social engineering, I got my hands on a copy of Running Shoe Insider, the magazine for running shoe makers and sellers.

Up until now I had only suspected what they were really talking about behind closed doors. But now we know!

Here’s a photo of the cover.

Running Shoe Insider Magazine

I’m sure you’re as outraged and amazed as I am.

Who knew that they actually KNOW they’re making and selling foot coffins!?

Pass this on to your friends, your family, the media!

(And, I really hope you get that this is a joke ;-) )


The one reason to avoid barefoot running

Look, I’m the first one to say that barefoot running isn’t for every person under every circumstance. Granted, I’ll say that it’s great for almost everyone, almost all of the time.

But every now and then, you need a pair of shoes.

Certain restaurants or businesses require SOME form of footwear (one of the reasons we developed Xero Shoes, in fact).

As a sprinter, I wear sprinting spikes when I need to run full speed on a track.

But this may be the best reason to wear shoes: When you need to open a bottle of wine and don’t have a corkscrew… or just want to show off in a geeky-nerdy way:

Oh, and if you’re out on the trail and don’t even have a wall, how ’bout a tree? (BTW, this video is WAAAAAAY funnier than the first ;-) ).

Will this work with a pair of Xero Shoes? Who’s going to be the first one to make a video and answer that question?

The ultimate zero drop zero stack height footwear

Two key components of a barefoot shoe (or minimalist shoe) are “drop” and “stack height.”

Drop is the height difference between the heel and ball of the foot. When you stand on the ground, your heel and feet are at the same height, which means “zero-drop.”

Stack Height is the thickness of whatever is under your foot.

So you can have a zero-drop shoe that’s has 1 foot of padding! Not very barefoot.

Xero Shoes, as an example, are zero-drop and have a “stack height” of between 4-6mm… about as close to barefoot as you can get.

(Flexibility is a whole other issue, but we’ll deal with that later.)

Here’s a photo of the ultimate zero-drop, zero stack height shoe.

Pipefeet... the best barefoot shoes

I think I still might own these socks.


Get Xero Shoes for free (better than a coupon ;-) )

Even though Xero Shoes cost MUCH less than any similar product, especially with our 5,000 mile warranty, I know that for some people the price of Xero Shoes is more than they have.

Well, here’s a way you can get a pair for free ;-)

Let us know how you do with this “magical technique.”

And if you know some other similar ways to get Xero Shoes, make a video and show us! ;-)

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