Xero Shoes Reviews

Here are some of the people who love their Xero Shoes.

  • Hi Bob.

    Check out our FB page or go to any good track meet and you’ll see many colors other than white.

    You “support your ankles” by USING them. I *used* to pronate and had week ankles until I started going barefoot. Some people think they need support when the real problem is a stiff outsole that doesn’t let your foot flex around obstacles and forces your ankle to pronate or supinate (I’ve done a pilot study at Colorado Mesa University that shows runners who are barefoot or in our shoes have more stable ankles than shod runners!)

    Regarding snakes… well, I’ve only run up on one in my life. And the footwear I had on was irrelevant… it slithered away. I’m not sure how many people find snakes an issue… but if you live somewhere where there’s a real concern about having your feet or lower ankle bitten, then simply don’t wear these or ANY type of sandal.

    Nobody is saying that Xero Shoes (or ANY shoe) is perfect for all situations and all people at all times.

    As a not-doctor (but former pre-med 😉 ), but someone who gets emails every day from people who say that wearing Xero Shoes has changed their lives, I don’t see the same danger that you do. Especially if you continue to think logically, and not wear these in inappropriate situations.

    Be well,

    • Rahul

      I dont understand why the Doctor is concerned about snakes. It is ridiculous. I have never seen shoes that protect you from snakes. And if that is a real concern then you better start running in safe place…man!

      Oh and doctor….this shoes doesn’t protect your feet from getting crushed under a bull dozer as well like the other brand 😉

      I am from India and I know benefits of walking with shoes. I love the concept. I am eager to try but I hope you can make the strands manly, please!

      • Max

        That would be the one & only downside to this shoe! ….the little strands used to tie the things all together are a bit less than manly 😉 That was the 1st thing out of my sister’s mouth when I once put them on. She said “they look like MY sandals”!!! haha! Other than that—They’re totally cool in my book 🙂

        • We’ll have some “manly” laces for you at some point, Max. You know, barbed wire and bacon 😉

  • Actually, Kak, it speaks of the laziness of the guy who edited the page (me) given the number of other things that were on my plate due to Shark Tank.

    If you look at our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/xeroshoes), Twitter stream (www.twitter.com/xeroshoes) and the comments on this site (and in the 100+ reviews that I’ll be posting once we can fix the Review widget), you’re displeasure will be assuaged.

    Thanks for your comment. Hopefully, I can have everything up and running within a week.

    • Kak

      Come on, Steven, how did it ever get posted in the first place??? How did it ever get written in the first place???

      • Oh, it’s easy. When I posted it, Lena wasn’t actually involved in the company!

        I started this, basically, against her wishes 😉

        Read http://www.xeroshoes.com/about

        And, seriously, if you knew me — I have a serious case of “out-of-sight, out-of-mind”… so after I put it up there, I totally forgot about it until I saw it yesterday morning (and had the same thought you did, actually)… but I was so slammed with pre-Shark Tank website things I got distracted and forgot again.

        And now, things are so busy, I just don’t have time to get to it (but I will… in fact, in the near future, nobody will even know what this thread is referring to! 😉 )

  • Ricardo

    That is crazy. I just watched the shark tank show tonight and I saw your presentation. And now i’m reading about your shoes. I just want to say Good for you man! you hung in there when those douche bags thought you were “dillusional” keep dreaming big and keep up the good work! We live in a world where we can make a difference. Im the type of person who likes to see people succeed. Keep making that money and keep changing lives.


    • Thanks for your support, Ricardo!

    • Thanks for your support, Ricardo.

      We’re looking forward to showing the Sharks who was dreaming and who was asleep 😉

  • Your website needs some serious attention. It runs slow and is hard to change your order, I hope the shoes are worth the hassel.

    • Trust me, we know 🙁 … been working on it non-stop since 7.5 million people found out about us last night.

      • Michelle

        I am having trouble finding the view cart button? I am already a xero shoe owner, but will probably be purchasing a second pair, and noticed this, so thought I’d ask if I’m just missing it or if it doesn’t exist yet? Thanks!

        • It *should* be there (and we’ve gotten almost 2,000 orders since Friday, so *some* people are seeing it). What kind of computer/browser are you using? Drop me an email: support@xeroshoes.com or call us at 303.447.3100

          • Michelle

            I might just not be seeing it. Where is it on the page? ha ha. Sorry =) Last night when I was thinking about ordering, I just ordered a second pair, which got me back to the cart, and then deleted one. That was my workaround 😉

          • On each product page, there’s an Add To Cart button under the various options you select.

            Then on the cart page, in the lower right, there’s a button that says CONTINUE.

            Then on the Checkout Page, there’s a button on the bottom to Complete Your Order.

            Again, if you’re not seeing this, tell me what computer/browser you’re using.

          • Michelle

            I mean if you add something to the cart, and then continue shopping/browsing, but then want to go back to your cart without adding something new. Thanks.

          • OOOOHHHHH… well: a) In the upper right corner of the site, you should see “View Cart” and; b) If there’s something in your cart you *should* see a big “view cart” button near the lower right of your screen.

  • Well, your foot is covering the sandal, so the sun doesn’t hit the sole (like every other sandal… go to the Flip Flop Shop and the majority of sandals have black soles).

    The color has nothing to do with any radiant heat from the ground.

    Oh, when Barbara said that, they cut to me pointing to my right… to the table that showed our other 4 sole colors ;-).

    • Michelle

      I like the dark soles. It doesn’t get hot (I don’t think it even feels hot after sitting in the sun, but I could be wrong). The dark soles don’t show dirt as easily. I actually kind of wish the colored soles were darker. Like dark blue or dark purple would be nice (or dark red/wine)… I like the light blue, but feel like it would look really dirty really quick!

      • You know you *can* hose these down or wash them 😉

        • Michelle

          Lol, yes, one of the great things about these shoes! But I still find that there is dirt in the grooves on top of the sole. I guess I could try actually in the washer, ha ha, haven’t done that yet =) I will order my second pair as soon as I decide on the colors. Just can’t decide =P

          • littlehalfwings

            for the grooves just use a magic eraser sponge to clean them

  • Gg

    I’d like to see a grounded version of the sandal , so you can pick up the subtle energies as if you we’re really barefoot

    • What you can do instead is simple: tap your foot (side or toes) on the ground every now and then. As a guy who started teaching electronics and electromagnetic physics when I was 14 (I was a ham radio operator and got pretty well versed in electrical technology), I can tell you that’ll do the trick.

      Or you could put a rivet or grommet in our shoe if you like.

  • Garry

    Great presentation on Shark Tank. You need to buy the key word for “Zero Shoes” on Google. Most people won’t notice or remember the spelling when searching for your site and while Shark Tank will give you a boost you are missing even more traffic. As runner I hope you succeed. All the best, Garry

    • Thanks, Gary.

      I bought “zero shoes” for the display network, but not search… we have some properties that will be ranking for “zero shoes” soon.

      Sadly, the guy who owns zeroshoes.com wants $20k for it!

  • Maddie

    Hi! I want to get some xero shoes, however My size isn’t listed. (My size is 9.2 inches.) Should I just get the larger size and cut them up?

    • Get the ones for feet “Up to 9.5 inches” — our size E.

      You may want to trim them a tiny bit when you get them… or not. Wait and see.

  • I can’t answer that specifically if I don’t know where you live, Jane 😉

    We’re in Colorado… if you pick 1st Class shipping (an option for some orders), it could be 2-7 days. With Priority Mail, it’ll be 2-3 days.

    That’s all assuming you’re in the US.

  • Thanks, Ted… we’re doing a TON of optimization and changes, so thanks for your suggestions.

    And, FWIW, a 4x sales valuation for a business with our growth trajectory is relatively middle-of-the-road (and was a point to start negotiating from), and lower than what a number of industry experts have given us.

  • Hi Sara… you left out the info I would need to answer your question (where you are, what you ordered, what shipping method you selected) 😉

    As I’m sure you can imagine, things have been NUTS over here since our appearance on Shark Tank. So, while we normally get orders out within 24 hours, it’s taking a bit longer this week.

    We think we’ll have all the orders that have come in since Friday night out the door by tomorrow afternoon — then 1st class mail to the US takes 3-7 days, Priority mail takes 2-3 days.

  • Lauren M

    I too just watched you on Shark Tank! Im in sales and this is what we would call the “dream sell ” I too was drawn to your product. I want a pair and will buy but I have a question how easy is it for me to do? And do they come with instructions? My reccomendation would be to put on this website a how to do video. My fear is buying the rubber pad and messing up. I cant wait to wear them irregardless.
    Love Love loved you guys on Shark Tank! You really have a great product!
    Lauren Meagher

  • Erin

    I just got mine today, SO EXCITED! I’m so glad you were on Shark Tank or else I would have never known about these!

  • Erin

    I just got mine today, SO EXCITED! I’m so glad you were on Shark Tank or else I would have never known about these!

  • Keith Meyers

    I would say I liked the information on the site. Gives me resources to see what its about, why they are good and so on. I like to know what I am buying and enjoyed having the options. If you kept it all without drop down menus that would annoy me personally…but whatever the experts say I guess!

  • Lisa

    I live in Tucson, AZ and I’ve never had an issue with them being or hot or with feeling too much heat from the street etc. I don’t think you’ll find too many hotter places than here 🙂

  • Bigfoot

    OK…. So how do these work for us flat footed people? I usually fid I have ankle and knee pain if I go a few days without orthotics (although, it looks like I could wear orthotics in these.) I would LOVE to find a personalized pair of shoes that didn’t cost a fortune. I wear woman’s size 12AAA.

  • Genevive

    I am trying to make a hole in these shoes but the hole puncher you gave isn’t really working out…

    • Genevive… are you following the instructions at http://www.xeroshoes.com/make ?

      Put a magazine on the ground (or sturdy table), put the sole on top of it, put the punch on the sole (perpendicular to the table/ground, so it’s pointing straight up and down), and whack it with a hammer.

  • Give us a call — 800.499.8880… we’ll work something out.

  • joe

    I have to say, I don’t know how anyone can say these are made for long distance running. The knot in the front is incredibly uncomfortable. At first, no big deal, but after a few miles it feels like a stone in your shoe. Am I the only one feeling this??

    • Hi Joe,

      People don’t “say” they’re for long distance running. They RUN long distances without a problem.

      Our customer service manager, Bill, for example, runs 90-120 miles/week without a hitch.

      You shouldn’t feel the knot, since it’s in between your toes, flattens out, and is covered in rubber.

      In fact, some people who are new to barefoot running get a pain on the ball of their foot (from a form problem) and *think* it’s the knot, even though the knot doesn’t touch that part of their foot.

      If you tie the knot in a way that’s too big, that could be noticeable, but not problematic.

      OR, if you overstride (you land with your foot in front of your knee), it’s *possible* that your sliding on the sole and landing on the knot… if that’s the case, there’s a “fix” and a “solution.”

      The “fix” is to either make a smaller knot or use a tying style that doesn’t have a knot — see http://www.xeroshoes.com/tying about those (the smaller knot idea is on any of the pages showing a tying style WITH a knot).

      The “solution” is to use the feedback you’re getting to adjust your form and learn to not overstride (assuming this is what’s going on… hard to tell from a 4-sentence email).

      Experiment slowly with short distances.

      There’s no reason why you can’t have the same experience as our thousands of distance runner customers who don’t notice the knot at all.

      Finally, if you want to discuss this, give us a call… that’s why we’re here — 303.447.3100.

  • Mine just came in! I do have a question though.. I have had bad problems with plantar fasciitis, can these shoes improve my feet issues?

  • Froghair

    I saw these sandals on Shark Tank. I ordered a size 11 last week and got them in less than a week. The instructions said don’t order larger than needed as the sandal tends to run a little long. I should have ordered a 11 1/2 as my second toe tends to touch the pavement when walking. That aside, after watching several You Tube videos I finally found a simple thong lacing that I liked. The sandal is very sexy on my foot and I hardly knew that I had the sandals on, until I had been walking on pavement and cement floors for a couple of hours. I gradually started feeling pain in my left heel which became progressively worse in a very short time. Because the sole is so thin (6mm) and there is no arch support, the sandal and hard surface caused my left foot plantar fascia to act up . I have been limping in pain with plantar fasciiitis ever since. I will have to choose my wearing time carefully. So beware if you have any such foot conditions that wearing the thin sole may cause a painful reaction (and the sandal is damn sexy looking on my foot). I will have to choose my wearing time carefully.

    • FWIW, many doctors recommend going barefoot (or in something like Xero Shoes) as a TREATMENT to eliminate plantar fasciitis (see http://sock-doc.com/2011/03/205/ for example).

      Why the difference between their recommendations and your experience?

      Basically, form.

      If, when you walk, you land with your foot “under” your body — which will be a midfoot or flat-footed landing, or lightly roll over the heel — you actually engage the PF in a strong position. This is especially true if, as you land in that way, you’re big toe is pulled up toward your knee (not forcing it, just lifting it). And this is usually a natural movement if you’re barefoot or in Xero Shoes.

      When you engage the PF in this way, it often eliminates the pain, and gives time for any actual damage to the tissue to heal while you’re strengthening the PF, adjusting to moving in a better way, and walking.

      OH, one other thing: SOMETIMES, PF symptoms come from having tight calves. And some people, when they switch to something minimalist, over-use their calves at first.

      The solution? Two: First massage and stretch your calves. Second, as you walk/run, wonder, “How can I use LESS effort when I do this?” and see what you discover.

      The essence of what you’ll do differently is: You won’t push off with your toes (which uses your calves) but, instead, LIFT your foot off the ground (which uses your hip more actively). Second, if you’re running and using a forefoot landing, you won’t try to stay on your toes… or you may try a more midfoot or flat-footed landing.

      I hope that helps both you, Froghair, and anyone else.

  • Steve

    I ordered these and was blown away when I got an email letting me know that they shipped the same day! Two days later and boom they were here! All I could think is that you’re doing customer service right!

    Came to the website and followed the directions for trimming and tying, another easy and enjoyable experience! I love the Xero Shoes, high quality stuff here!

    I have been wearing the Xero Shoes for a few hours each day since they got here and love them (even in the snow, with the toe socks of course)! I’m telling my family and friends to get over here and order these! Thank you!

  • Lauren

    These shoes are AMAZING! Saw you on Shark Tank and decided to order a pair. I have fallen arches (flat feet), I pronate and have a history of plantar fasciitis, shin splints and back pain. For close to ten years I have not been able to run or do any high impact physical activity without my feet THROBBING and my toes going numb after literally only a minute or so. It’s been SO depressing not being able to do much activity even walking my dogs. This was the best purchase ever! The day I got them, for the first time in many many years, I ran 20 minutes and my feet did not hurt AT ALL!! I’ve continued to run daily and feel so wonderful being able to active again! I have tried every shoe, over the counter orthotics, even custom orthotics and my feet still ached so bad that I could hardly walk. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’m still working on lacing them as I feel they get loose when I run, but in time I’ll figure out what works best for me. Thank you so much!

  • I have to agree with Ricardo. I just watched your presentation and there was nothing wrong with it. But there is no such thing as bad press right? If anything it got your name out there so hopefully you’ll be seeing more sales because of it. I know I’ll be ordering a pair real soon!…my feet can’t wait!!!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  • runningmiami

    I got my courage up to be different and wear my Xeroshoes to the Miami Brickell run group. Brickell is an exclusive area in downtown miami, and everyone is into looking good. There are more cute people in this run group than anywhere else. There were approx 200 people and I was the only one wearing XERO shoes. I got comments like “your wearing sandals” and “your going to run in those?”
    There are running of all calibers in this group, and we run around 4 miles. I was amazed by the economy of running in XERO shoes. I was running up inclines easier, and on turns I had traction. I finished with approx a 8 mile per mile average (which is good for me) and the recovery was great. I used to have tendon, and knee, and the joint pains. a pain behind my big toe hurt after a run. It’s all gone. I mean the pains I had are diminished. I am definitely wearing xero shoes to run competitively again.

  • RJ Oliver

    Just saw yall on Shark Tank, Good Luck Fellas!!! http://www.virus-removal-911.com

  • t b

    I wear these when I’m too drunk to go barefoot. Great value, love ’em!

  • just received my shoes, put it on and went for a walk with my dogs, it went great, I’ll run with them tomorrow (more like it, forever)

  • chris m

    Im looking for a pair for trail running. Right now im wearing really worn out vibram KSO which are good other than on sharp rocks. Would you recommend the 4 or 6 mm?

    • We have trail runners who use each… but, not surprisingly, the 6mm give you a bit extra protection (while still having good ground feel).

  • Hi I have been humming and hawing about ordering a kit for about a year and just received my kit this past week. I am a mom of seven, and since my third pregnancy I have struggled with sore feet and almost chronic planters fasciitis. Until last spring I had spent thousands of dollars on orthotics and orthopaedic shoes and sandals….but nothing ever really helped. After our sixth child, my only c-section, my health caved, my feet were the worst they had ever been and I just could not run anymore, heck I could barely walk. It took me two years to get to a place where I could get through my day without at least one nap and could go for walks and not feel like I had been hit by a bus. The following year I was just starting back at running when to my shock I was, at 45, expecting again. Overjoyed and yet terrified I put my running on the back burner. After a very difficult pregnancy and recovery, natural this time, I wanted to start running again but my feet were still really bothering me. Then, as if an answer to a prayer, I came across socdoc.com and started to educate myself on alternatives to orthotics. It has been a year of being orthotic free and though I still get sore feet, it is a tired muscle sore not the awful aches of planters fasciitis. Yahoo! I go barefoot as much as possible and where I cannot I wear the most minimalist simplest shoes I can find or make. Thanks for being a part of my foot health! 🙂

    • a) VERY cute tying style

      b It’s stories like yours that make our LONG days and sleepless nights worth it. 🙂

      • Thanks I kinda like it too. Glad I can inspire you who have inspired me…lol 🙂 keep up the good work!

      • Oh by the way what would be the most economical way to shoe all seven of my children with xero sandals? They range in shoe size from a size 5-6 toddler to a 10 1/2 men’s. I am on a limited budget so any advice you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks again, Dominique.

  • Jeff

    i find this interesting but I am skeptical. The last time a went one day barefoot without my Asics gels and orothodics my plantar fascitis killed me the next day. Why would these shoes be any different?

    • You may want to look at this article about plantar fasciitis — http://sock-doc.com/2011/03/205/. Many doctors recommend being barefoot as a treatment for PF, mostly because it CAN show you how to walk differently than you do in your shoes (which often contribute to getting it in the first place).

      Specifically, if you continue to walk barefoot by reaching your foot out and landing on your heel, you’re putting your PF in a weak position. But if you land more mid- or forefoot, with your foot closer to your center of mass, you’re putting your PF in a strong position when you land.

      The idea is that being barefoot encourages you to land this way… because the other way hurts! 😉

      And Xeros are the closest you can get to barefoot, and still have some protection (and style).

  • Guest

    i am a type 1 diabetic (17 yrs old) so along with that, i have nerve damage in my feet and i was wondering if these would be good for me?

    • I don’t know if they’ll be good for you or not. “Good” in what way?

      All I can tell you is that being in Xero Shoes is close to being barefoot, but with a layer of protection (and style, and a custom fit).

  • Elliot

    Just made my first pair from the DIY kit. Every late spring i tell myself i need to make a pair if hauraches. Here is my knot. I didn’t like it being on top, so I hid it on the side.

  • Scratch

    I’ve had the pair of Xeros for a few weeks now and they’re pretty damn awesome. They do remove some feel for the ground compared to feet that are completely bare, but you still get plenty of feedback and there’s no way you can wear them and land heel first when running.

    I’ve been using them for hiking and have walked about 35 miles of sections of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania and Maryland. You get plenty of comments from other hikers and I just say something how it’s almost like being able to dance down the trail and that if I can do it, it’s not impossible for others to learn to do so either.

    I’ll probably order a second pair so I can have a pair to use which doesn’t see so much grime and sweat from hiking and running.

  • bamb

    Will the xeros allow me to run and race as usual. Could i go and do a fast 5km in them? Or are they only suitable for moderate training.

    • Depends on what a “fast 5k” is for you… but we’ve had some people run 14min 5k times in Xero Shoes.

      • landisbrown

        That’s pretty darn fast in my book.

  • Elliot

    Since this is probably the nearest I will be to going “barefoot”, I going to start introducing myself in this manner:
    Hi, I’m Xero Elliot.

  • Bree

    After having two kids and then literally working my butt off to lose 65lbs that I had acquired, I recently took up running to help keep fit. My only issue is that I have extremely wide feet and was having problems finding a shoe thst would feel great yet not kill my small wallet. I came across the Xero shoes web sight and decided to try them based on the reviews. I’ve had them for only a week but am thrilled with my experience. I didn’t realize how good your feet could feel after a run till now. No more sore tootsies for me.

  • Todd H

    It was on the Shark Tank show that got my first look at your product. I had to order a pair right away. I liked them so much within a week or two I ordered my second pair” I wanted to feel the difference the thinner sole made” I love them too. Now I have to get the Sensori Venture. I’m so glad you didn’t let those Sharks change any of the attributes of your products. I’ll always vote for the little family business because you love and believe in your product over a Shark who doesn’t care about the product as much as the profits. Way to go Xero shoes. You keep selling these I’ll keep buying them, well I will whenever I wear a pair out. They are on my feet constantly but far from worn out yet. Shark Tank gave you the advertisement you needed without putting the business in their greedy hands. Keep up the great work. Todd

  • Elsie

    How do or will these hold up for “heavier” people. Such as 200-275 pounds?

    • You body weight doesn’t matter. There’s nothing that compresses in the FeelTrue rubber we use.

  • Raymond

    LOVE YOUR PRODUCT…………..ordered 8 pairs in the last month

  • Georg Stoll

    Got my kit yesterday and foxed some invisible laces from Nylon….great. the nearesr way to feel barefoot.

    • Way cool! Keep me posted.

      • Georg Stoll

        <<<as one can see, they are almost invisible. No problems for walking; didn't take them for running yet, but i think those laces are not strong enough…..Georg

        • GSTOLL

          a couple of months later i’am still very satisfied with my invisible shoes. Took them for long walks with my dogs; only one time i had to return barefoot cause while playing with the dogs one stood on my foot and the nylon lace broke.

          • If you have “Invisible Shoes”, you must have had them for more than a few months… since we changed our name to Xero Shoes in January 2013 😉

            We’re working on dog-proof laces (more than a few dogs are fond of Xero Shoes we’ve discovered), but it seems like an impossible task 😉

            BTW, you can get replacement laces at http://www.xeroshoes.com/shop

  • Dennis

    I got my new sensori’s this week and love them haven’t taken em off other than going to work and sleep

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  • mrankin

    I just got my xero shoes today. I absolutely love them. I hate socks and shoes so I have gone barefoot unless I have to go in somewhere. These are fantastic.

  • WarningU2

    I have had the Amuri Cloud – Men’s Barefoot Sandal since June and I’m sorry but I hate them. They continually fall off despite adjusting them, They are the right size. I have tried them out so many times (walking) and all I get is blisters. I hate the piece of plastic between my big toe. I have worn sandals all my life (54 yrs). I’m going back to flip flops.

  • Jelek

    I wish I would have learned about these shoes earlier!!! I didn’t buy them to wear for running, but just for every day use. I live in South Florida. I have 3 large dogs that need long walks each day. I can’t wear sandals or flip flops because they aren’t good to walk long distances in, so I have always worn gym shoes. It has been close to 90 degrees here, even when the sun goes down and I head out for our walks. You have no idea how nice it is to be able to wear xero shoes and free my sweaty feet of enclosed shoes!!! My typical rubber thong flip flops get slippery when sweaty or wet, and they don’t stay on with out a strap around the back – you know how you have to clench your toes to keep them on! Even to wear during the day boating, at the islands, they actually stay on my feet. Cant go completely barefoot because feet will burn on the ground 🙂 Plus, I got one a color that matches most of my clothes and I can wear them to work because I am SICK of paying a lot of $ for shoes/sandals for work that are supposed to be comfy and good for your feet just to end up with sore feet and blisters! These are cute and I like how you can tie them your own way, pick your colors, beads, etc. Great product 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Jelek… welcome to the “go everywhere, do everything” world of Xero Shoes.

  • Heather Wells

    Love the Xero’s. Best mini’s ever. Ran 8 miles the other day in them pain free (except for sore feet). I have not run pain free in years. Always hip flexor and shin pain if I wear shoes. Numbness when I wear Vibrams. It was amazing. I felt so connected and free to just go. Some blisters afterwards but then I read the forum on stride and such and can feel my feet talking to me about my form. Awesome product. Thank You

    • Thanks, Heather… keep us posted about how things continue to improve… send pics! 😉

  • Aubrey Escobar

    Hooray for Xeros!

    I have to thank you folks at Xero Shoes. I was a champion
    runner as a kid, through my teen years and then gave up the sport after some injuries. I always knew I had to get back on the road and RUN but every time I would set foot on a track or a trail to run, even a hundred yards, I would pay for it the next day. My IT Bands would KILL me to the point where I could hardly walk and I gave up again and again and felt like such a failure. I had gone from being a superfast champ to not being able to run at all. Over the years I put on weight and was feeling miserable.

    Then I saw you guys on Shark Tank and a light bulb went off
    in my head. Maybe I was running wrong! I didn’t think that was possible since I KNEW I knew how to run but I thought and thought and then I bought!

    I bought my first pair of Xero Huaraches in June this year. Since
    then I have had ZERO injuries, no IT Band pain. I did have some TOFP because I was just crazy about running again but that has since subsided. I cannot wear my Xeros on every run because of terrain and rocks, but I will never go back to traditional, non-minimalist shoes.

    I am proud to say that I am doing my first half marathon in
    November (on my birthday!) and the LA Marathon in March. I am SO happy and thank you for what you do. You helped me bring a part of me back that was missing for a long time.

    Thank you so much!

    A. Escobar, California

    • Congrats, Aubrey!

      We NEVER get tired of hearing stories like yours, and we’ve heard a LOT of them. Frankly, they’re what keep us going during the tough entrepreneurial times.

      So keep going, keep us posted… and send us some pics!


  • Barefoot Emi

    Chilee the iguana demonstrates how Xeros allow the toes to spread naturally and does his best imitation of the Xero shoes logo 🙂

  • Phil Alba

    Which type would you recommend for someone who wants a bit more cushion? Also, I don’t mind cutting them to size as a do-it-yourselfer. But is there any other additional features that the ready made varieties offer that the less expensive DIY does not provide.

    • Hi Phil,

      The Amuri Cloud are the only Xeros with any cushioning — 3mm of our Barefoam™.

      The Amuri Venture and the 6mm Connect kit offer a “smoother ride” because they’re thicker, though.

      The ready-to-wear/ready-to-play sandals are, well, ready to wear 😉 So there’s no work involved in getting them on your feet and out the door. The heel cup adds some resistance to things getting under your feet. And, again, the Cloud has the Barefoam™

      If you like a DIY project, you’ll enjoy our kits.