Xero Shoes Coupon Scams!

Sometimes I think the Internet brings out the worst in people. If you search for “Xero Shoes Coupons” you will find a TON of sites saying they coupons for saving money on Xero Shoes. The problem is that they’re fake. All of them. It’s a real hassle for us because we’ll get calls from customers,… Read more

Why Barefoot Running?

While barefoot running isn’t new, it’s popularity has been going through the roof since Christopher McDougall’s book, Born To Run, became popular in 2009. Ironically, Born To Run isn’t really about barefoot running. It’s about the Tarahumara Indians in the Copper Canyon of Mexico and how they’re able to run pain-free and injury free for… Read more

Do not “transition slowly” to barefoot running

The more time you spend around barefoot running and minimalist running — the more articles you read in magazines and newspapers, the more interviews you hear with doctors or runners, the more stories you see on the news, the more websites you see about it, the more research you hear about it — the more… Read more

Former Crocs CEO, John McCarvel, Joins Xero Shoes

John McCarvel, who steered Crocs from $645 million in 2009 to $1.2 billion in sales in 2013, and retired as CEO and president last April, has joined Xero Shoes as our Chairman of the Board and lead investor. (Download the Press Release here) Lena and I couldn’t be more excited to have John on our… Read more

Bernard Lagat Won’t Run Barefoot?

This just in from the “WHAT A SHOCK… NOT” category: Runner who gets paid millions from shoe company says he won’t run barefoot! In an interview with The Guardian, Bernard Lagat, the Kenyan-American 13-time medal winning middle- and long-distance runner, is asked by Kate Carter: So, um, ever run barefoot? Bernard’s response: [Laughs] Well, since… Read more

Xero Shoes + Yoga = ?

Grace Menendez teaches yoga and is a personal trainer. And now she adds “Xero Hero” to her list of skills 😉 Says Grace: As soon as they arrived I strapped them to my feet and took these bad boys for a walk around New York City. It was LOVE after first wear! Most shoes require… Read more

Make your own sandals, Janice style ;-)

Our Customer Happiness Manager, Janice, has been on a roll, creating new DIY sandal designs. This latest was inspired by our Z-Trek sandals. It uses the “loop” idea from this sandal, and the Heel Strap from our Amuri sandals. Remember, when you make a kit that has laces touching the ground (like the outside edge… Read more