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We support the Tarahumara

We support the Tarahumara Children's Hospital FundOne aspect of our business that we’re most proud of and makes us very happy is that we can give back to those who’ve inspired us.

In this case, we were inspired by the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico, also known as the Raramuri. If you haven’t read Christopher McDougall’s New York Times bestseller Born To Run yet, you must. It’s a great read, and tells quite a bit about the Tarahumara.

What it doesn’t discuss very much, though, is how difficult life can be in the Copper Canyon. Healthcare and medical care is hard to come by. Clean water is rare. Food is scarce. This part of Mexico has been experiencing a major drought. Child mortality is high, and educational opportunities are not easily available.

So, to give thanks and support the Tarahumara, we donate 10% of price of our custom-made Xero Shoes to the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital Fund.

TCHF provides medical care, education, food and clean water programs and, in many ways, provide aid in this difficult and in-need area.

Thank you for your purchases which allow us to thank and help the Tarahumara.

You can now make an additional donation of any size along with your order! Click here to donate and support the Tarahumara.

How to walk barefoot

I expect (and kind of hope) that many people reading the title of this section will think, “Uh, I don’t need instruction about how to walk. I’ve been doing it all my life.”

I also expect (and definitely hope) that others will read the title and think, “Finally, the answer to my most burning question! I’ve been worried that I’m walking wrong.”

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Why barefoot sandals and not minimalist shoes?

New to “barefoot shoes”? Trying to decide between the minimalist shoe options?

I know the feeling. Back in 2009, when I knew I wanted the benefits of being barefoot, but with a bit of protection (and something that would let me get into restaurants), I tried everything.

Here’s why I think barefoot sandals are the best choice: Continue Reading

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